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Over door Traction Set - 13004

Over door Traction Set - 13004

Product Description

This cervical traction set by Drive Medical features a heavy-duty head halter for over door use. The halter includes several items to make use easier: a metal support; self-attaching closures; a 12" adjustable spreader bar; an 8' traction rope; double-sealed rings; water bag; and "S" hook. The set is one-size-fits-all and comes machine washable for additional convenience.

Features and Benefits
  • Heavy-duty head halter comes complete with metal support and self-attaching closures
  • Complete with 12" adjustable spreader bar, 8' traction rope, double-sealed rings, water bag and "S" hook
  • Machine washable
  • One size fits all.
Product Specification
  • 12" adjustable spreader bar
  • 8' traction rope
  • double sealed rings
  • "S" hook
  • Machine washable
Model # 13004
$31.50 $28.35